Real Facts

Fact: Real Water is the only Louisiana owned and operated bottled water delivery service in the Greater Baton Rouge area. We are owned and operating in Walker Louisiana, and all our money stays in Livingston Parish and the State of Louisiana.

Real Water is unaltered. Other than state required sand filtering and ozonation, it retains all minerals and flavor; flavor you can taste, and minerals your body needs.

Fact: Real Water is bottled 60 feet from our well. Today, it is 2,300 feet deep in the Jasper Equivalent Aquifer; tomorrow, on your door step in a five gallon bottle. That's fresh, that's clean, and that's Real Water!

Fact: We guarantee to deliver Real Water to your door within 24 hours of bottling it!

Fact: The Jasper Equivalent Aquifer has the purest water in the state, and may be in the United States. It is drinkable, direct from the aquifer, and it only requires state/fed imposed filtering and bacteria ozonation.

Fact:Real Water is $2.00 a bottle: cheaper than our current competitor's five gallon artesian delivery bottle and $2.99 cheaper than distilled five gallon delivery bottle.

Fact: Real Water will be delivered by super efficient diesel vans in a delivery area within 12 miles of our bottling operation, saving huge amounts of fuel and exhaust emissions. We will also use bio diesel in all of our vehicles by the end of 2008.

Fact: Real Water is bottled and stored in facility air conditioned to 75 degrees. Our water never sits in the sun or is stored in hot warehouses. Bacteria grow very rapidly in hot conditions so we keep our water cool!

Our competitors' water has to be trucked from Kentwood, Louisiana to its distribution warehouse in Baton Rouge, where it sits outside or in hot warehouses. Then, it is picked up to be delivered to Denham area - that's a lot of trucking time in hot, rough conditions, not to mention the hours or days it sat in a hot parking lot or warehouse waiting it to be loaded - then there's the millions of tons of Carbon emissions from all the exhaust, and the millions of gallons of fossil fuels used. Al Gore would have a field day with these guys!

Fact:Our competitors raised their prices: set minimum billing and added a surcharge to fuel there giant trucks. So you pay more, they save more, and they provide less customer service. Sounds like big company thinking, doesn't it ?

Fact:Kentwood Springs/Abita Springs is no longer the Louisiana family owned business they built there reputation on. They are now owned by Kelso Co. out of New York and is a small part of a multi-billion-dollar-a-year operation that has three main goals: raise prices, cut cost and make money. Their stock holders demand it! Is this where you want your families' or employees' water to come from?

Richard McDonald

Real Water