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We Deliver Only in the state of Louisiana
5 Gallon Direct from Aquifer Artesian Water Delivered to your door within 24 Hrs of bottling
Reflections elegant rounded water cooler with Stainless reservoir and no spill insert Cold /Cold

Reflections elegant rounded water cooler with Stainless reservoir and no spill insert Hot /Cold
Cream and Blue Striped Porcelain Dispenser can be used with 5 gallon bottle for room temperature water
No spill insert for Porcelain 5 gallon room temperature dispenser to insure spill free use
Manual pump for 5 Gallon bottle for cooking or use where no electrical is available
Custom Cup Holder fits on coolers above

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For your protection and sanitation, Real Waters’ water coolers are installed with a special non-spill system which is mounted on the reservoir, preventing bugs, dust, etc. from entering the unit. The durable probe allows a constant stream of air into the bottle as water flows out.

How to Maintain and Clean Your 5 Gallon Cooler

1. Unplug cooler. Remove 5-gallon bottle from cooler.

2 Remove the Non Spill Insert top from cooler so that the reservoir is exposed.
   (See directions below on how to remove top.)

Directions for Removing Non Spill Insert:

1. Pull Non Spill Insert off cooler with one hand while holding down cooler with opposite hand.

2. The reservoir will be full of water. Drain the reservoir completely.

3. Prepare a cleaning solution in a calibrated container with household chlorine bleach at a     concentration of 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon of water.

4. Fill the reservoir with the prepared solution.

5. Allow the solution to stand for about 3 to 5 minutes.

6. Drain faucets into a pitcher and dispose of chlorinated water.

7. Fill reservoir with Real Water. Drain cooler completely with clean Real Water. Discard this     water properly.

8. Take a clean, damp cloth with water and wipe Non Spill Insert down.

9. Place Non Spill Insert back on cooler and place 5-gallon bottle back on cooler.

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